May 20, 2019

Special Events

Special Events

Throughout the year Mountainview organizes special events, sometimes called bridge building events. These help us deepen friendships at Mountainview and provide important points of contact with the wider community. A number of our special events are fundraisers for projects Mountainview supports.

MV Moments: Important dates for the upcoming Holiday Schedule | Fechas importantes de recordar durante esta época estival

25th December & 1st January 2023: We will not be meeting for worship at Balder.

8 January: We will gather for worship at Balder again as usual at 11:00am.

We encourage you to reach out to your Mountainview family to connect and enjoy each other's company over the holiday break.

Blessing to all of you as you celebrate God's goodness and faithfulness!


25 de Diciembre y 1 de Enero 2023: No tendremos reuniones de adoración en Balder.

8 de Enero: Nos reuniremos para adorar juntos en Balder como de costumbre a las 11:00am.

Os animamos a que busquéis la compañía con otros miembros de la familia de Mountainview durante estas fiestas.

Os deseamos todas las bendiciones a todos y esperamos podamos todos difrutar de la bondad y fidelidad de Dios.