May 20, 2019


Mountainview History

Mountainview:  Faith and Friendships that Make a Difference

The Mountainview story began in March 2002 when a Christian Associates (now Communitas) team arrived on the outskirts of Madrid. God grew that small community to become a vibrant worshiping community called Mountainview International Church.  Over the years, through good times and challenging times, God has grown us in a deeper relationship with Him and wider relationship with our community.  We are grateful for His faithfulness to us!

Mountainview International Church is an English-speaking church that greatly values our Spanish culture and community. Our worship time is predominately English with a touch of Spanish occasionally included. We gladly offer Spanish translation for those who would appreciate it. We believe that this is an effective way to reach internationals in and around Madrid as well as nationals who are eager to worship in English.

We seek to be a blessing in our world. We are connected with other ministries and support them through our finances and our service in direct partnership with them. We are committed to working with a local ministry, a Spanish ministry, and a ministry outside of Spain in order to keep our local, national, and world-wide perspective of God’s kingdom.

Mountainview has a deep desire that more and more people will know Jesus.  We both challenge and encourage each other to be aware of opportunities God provides each of us to impact the lives of family member, neighbors, friends, and co-workers through relational evangelism and often provide casual opportunities to invite those people to connect with the Mountainview community.  We are eager to grow God’s kingdom within Mountainview and all around us! 

God has blessed Mountainview International Church.  We are eager to see how He will continue to transform people in Madrid and throughout the world into the likeness of Jesus Christ. 

Mountainview:  Faith in Jesus Christ and Friendships that Make a Difference


Notice Virtual Services  | LATEST UPDATE COVID-19 SITUATION – Madrid Region

We elders team of Mountainview Church recognise that we can’t ignore the latest changes our local authorities have implemented upon our region. Therefore, we are returning to meeting via Zoom. We will keep you all inform of any changes during this period.

The link of our services would be available through MV’s WhatsApp chat.

The Lord bless you all,

The Elders Team


Anuncio Reuniones Virtuales | ACTUALIZACIÓN DE LA SITUACIÓN DEL COVID-19 – Comunidad de Madrid

El equipo de ancianos de Mountainview Church reconoce que los últimos ajustes a las normativas de convivencia en nuestra región no pueden ser ignorados. Por lo tanto, regresamos a reunirnos telemáticamente vía Zoom. Les mantendremos informados de cualquier otro cambio durante este período.

El enlace para nuestros cultos estará disponible a través del WhatsApp de MV.

Que el Señor os bendiga a todos,

El Consejo de Ancianos