May 20, 2019

Kids & Teens

Sunday Opportunities for Kids

Children belong in the family of God and are welcome! We have a variety of opportunities for them to learn and grow in their love for Jesus.

  • We have a space in our worship room dedicated to our youngest members and visitors, where children younger than four can safely play and explore the toys and books while a parent can still participate in worship.
  • Partway through the worship service, children 4-10 are invited to go to Kids Zone where they have fun learning from the Bible through stories, games, and activities planned just for them.
  • Twice a month, children 11-14 have their own class designed to grow their faith.
  • Every Sunday listening guides are available for any children who stay in the worship service to help them learn to listen well to the Bible teaching.
  • Occasionally we offer intergenerational “Family Services” where participants of all ages learn together in creative ways.