May 20, 2019

Outreach Projects

Outreach Projects

Mountianview has made the conscious commitment to look beyond our own walls and be a blessing to our world. We connect with other ministries and support them through our finances and our service in direct partnership with them. We hope to inspire people to be a blessing in the places where they live and work as well as to share God’s passion for justice locally, nationally, and internationally.  

We are currently partnered with the following ministries.

Hermanitas de los Pobres in Los Molinos (Local)

Excercising hospitality with the elderly in need

Freedom Libertad (National)

Representing and responding to sex workers in Spain

Kelele Africa (International)

Improving the future for women, achieving quality education for children, and making safe healthcare a reality in Kasenda and Kimya, Uganda.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Mountainview Church — Summer Worship — 2022

This summer our Sunday services will be held in the outdoors, mostly in member’s gardens always at 11:00am.  Each week we will share the location on MV’s WhatsApp chat and on The address of the specific location will be shared to those who need it by requesting it to the host for that Sunday.  If you’d like to join us but are not yet part of the group, please contact us at

Summer Schedule

3rd July @ Sarah Cousins

10th July @ Warren/Karen Batt

17th July @ Derek Blake

24th July @ Gus Porporato/Nilsa Pereyra

31st July @ Belinda Coombes

7th August @ Mark/Kim Steinfield

Mountainview Church — Adoración de Verano — 2022

Este Verano nuestros cultos dominicales se celebrarán al aire libre, en los jardines de nuestros miembros siempre a las 11:00am. Cada semana compartiremos dónde estaremos ese domingo a través del WhatsApp de MV y en La dirección del domicilio se compartirá con los que lo necesiten pidiéndolo a los anfitriones de ese domingo. Si quieres unirte a nosotros pero aún no estás en el chat, puedes contactarnos en

Calendario de verano

3 de Julio @ Sarah Cousins

10 de Julio @ Warren/Karen Batt

17 de Julio @ Derek Blake

24 de Julio @ Gus Porporato/Nilsa Pereyra

31 de Julio @ Belinda Coombes

7 de Agosto @ Mark/Kim Steinfield